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Holographic Healing Preview Calls

Holographic Healer Preview Part One 4/29/18 - Watch Now

Holographic Healer Preview Part Two 5/6/18 - Watch Now

Holographic Healer Preview Part Three 5/10/18 - Watch Now

Holographic Healer Preview Part Four 5/20/18 - Watch Now

Holographic Healer Preview Part Five 6/21/18 - Watch Now

What You will Discover in this Course

You are an extraordinary Soul, with infinite potential for transforming your life and becoming a magical conduit of Healing Light

Creating a Holographic Healing Environment

A scalar energy field beyond Time and Space

The Power of Presence

Outside our finite timeline there is only Infinite Presence. This is where all Transformation occurs.

Healing with the Human Hologram

Our Human Hologram is from the Beginning. It is unaffected by our history and can be accessed at any time.

Entering Into a State of Pure Desire

Understand your partner’s point of view like you never have before.

Accessing the Living Matrix

All living things have the power to heal innately by accessing the Living Matrix.

Luminescent Touch Technique

This is the Science of Laying on of Hands. We are beings of Light and we can heal with this light.

Several Amazing Bonuses

6 Powerful Animated Holonomic Light-Form Visualizer 15min

($450 Value)

6 Digital High Quality Digital Prints of Fractal Holgrams

($300 Value)

1 Hour, one-on-one, Session with Keith Allen Kay

($130 Value)


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